Our Program


Broad Branch Children’s House offers both a toddler Montessori program (for ages 24-36 months) and a primary Montessori program (for ages 3-6 years).  BBCH provides an educational experience that encourages students to explore, question, experiment, and develop ideas on their own. Teachers guide the process, providing direction and support as students move through the Montessori curriculum.  The mixed ages in the classroom allow for children to both learn from and mentor one another and help to create a community of mutual respect. The Montessori classroom offers an outstanding academic and social foundation during early childhood.

Broad Branch Children’s House is located in a residential neighborhood just east of Connecticut Avenue near the Chevy Chase circle. BBCH is found above the recently renovated Broad Branch Market across the street from Lafayette Elementary School.

Inside BBCH are four well-appointed classrooms surrounded by windows that give the feeling of being in a tree house.

Outside BBCH you will find the children’s garden and a gated play space for general play and gross motor activities. Our garden is planted and maintained with the children, offering hands-on experience with the living world around us.


8:30 – 9:00 Early School Day

9:00 – 12:15 Montessori Mornings

12:15 Half Day Dismissal

12:15 – 3:00 Lunch & Nap 

           or Montessori Afternoon Class 

3:00 Afternoon Dismissal

3:00– 6:00 Extended School Day

Program Options 

10-Month Enrollment 


The 10-Month program aligns closely to the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) school calendar.  Families who choose this enrollment option may determine the length of their school day by choosing early school day,  a half day, a full day, and extended school day.  This program does not include school during holiday breaks, professional days, and summer break. 


12-Month Enrollment 


The 12-Month program includes care during breaks, professional days, and the summer with limited closings. This program includes the early school day and extended school day options.